Home Inspection Services


Complete Home Inspection

A complete home inspection covering everything in your house.


4-Point Inspections

Home inspection covering the 4 main points: Roof, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing.


Wind Mitigation

Inspection to determine a house's ability to stand up against wind.



Inspection to ensure a house is in good shape before you buy it.


Home Watch

We will watch your house and ensure everything is good while you aren't home.


Air Quality Testing

Make sure the air in your home is good & safe. Lab Tested

We will e-mail you a detailed report on the home’s exterior, roof, fireplaces/chimneys and interior, structural components, electrical system, HVAC, plumbing, insulation and whatever else we find that we feel may be a concern to you. 

Our four-point inspection service covers the main four components of the home: the roof, the electrical system, HVAC and plumbing. This type of inspection is often requested by Insurance companies before issuing insurance.   

A wind mitigation inspection is an inspection of the home’s structural components that help protect the home from hurricane force winds and flying debris. Wind mitigation in Florida is popular and can often help reduce the cost of home insurance depending on which insurance company you choose. 

Thinking about selling? A Pre-Listing Inspection can help you avoid problems down the road. As part of this inspection service, we will inspect the home before it is put on the market, alerting the seller to any issues in the home that may discourage potential buyers. The seller can repair these issues ahead of time, making the home more attractive for buyers once it is listed.

With Home Watch, we will schedule regular inspections to monitor your home’s security and make sure the HVAC, sprinkler systems, and pool equipment are all in working order and report any damage or issues we find.

JBL Home Inspections partnered with EMSL Analytics Lab to test your homes’ indoor environment for pollutants while conducting a home inspection.

We offer inspection services for homes of all types! Manufactured homes are not built the same as single family block or wood construction homes. They should have hurricane tie downs.

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