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Spring Hill FL suburb of Tampa. Population about 111,000 people live in Springhill and is in Hernando County. Spring Hill even with his population on the higher end it has a rural feel to it. More relaxed atmosphere. The area does have a lot of perks from being close to the Gulf of Mexico, shopping, restaurants and much more.

A good source for information on Pinellas Park is the chamber of commerce, here is a quick link for easy access https://business.hernandochamber.com/list/member/vincent-house-7679

When we do a home inspection one of the places, we inspect are the attics. We look for rips or damaged air ducts as this could cause a slew of problems example reduced airflow in the bedrooms & living area, unbalanced air temperature throughout the home, cold and warm spots, and energy loss. The damage could occur from rodents chewing on the duct work or just human error causing damage. It also always recommended to inspect the duck work at least once a year during your annual maintenance checkup. We do recommend checking the air ducts during the winter when it’s much cooler up in the attic.

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Complete Home Inspection

A complete home inspections is the most comprehensive inspection you can have.


4-Point Inspection

A 4-point inspection covers four main components such as: Roof, Electrical Systems, HVAC, and Plumbing.


Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation inspection is the inspection of a home’s structural componentsto protect from high winds and flying debris.



A pre or reinspection is an inspections to give you confidence before you sell or buy a home.

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