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Rot on Door Frame

Above Image – Rot and Termite Damage In Home Inspection, Clearwater Florida

Rot & Termite Damage Clearwater FL

Home Inspector Clearwater FL

Clearwater Florida is a city in Pinellas County, north of St. Petersburg and west of Tampa. It had 117,292 people living there in 2020 and is the smallest of the three main cities in the Tampa Bay Area. Clearwater is famous for its sandy beaches, cultural events, family attractions, and dining and nightlife options. It also has the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the main office of the Church of Scientology.

If you want to buy or sell a home in Clearwater Florida, you may need three types of inspections: a home inspection, a 4 point inspection, and a wind mitigation inspection. A home inspection is a thorough check of the quality and safety of a home, covering things like structure, foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, appliances, and more. A home inspection can help you find any faults or issues that may affect your choice to buy or sell a home.

A 4 point inspection is a specific kind of home inspection that looks at four major systems: roofing, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. A 4 point inspection is often needed by insurance companies to decide the risk and coverage of a home. A 4 point inspection can show any problems or dangers that may cause expensive repairs or claims later.

A wind mitigation inspection is an optional kind of home inspection that measures how well a home can resist strong winds. A wind mitigation inspection mainly examines the roof, windows, doors, and other features that could be harmed by hurricanes, tornadoes, or other windstorms. A wind mitigation inspection can help you get discounts on your home insurance premiums if your home has enough wind-resistant features.

A home inspection, a 4 point inspection, and a wind mitigation inspection are different but related services that can help you safeguard your investment and save money on your home insurance. If you want to get these inspections done for your home in Clearwater Florida, you can contact a certified inspector near you.

Termite & Moisture Damage Found During Home Inspection Clearwater

One primary cause wood rot near doors or windows happens when there constantly dampness on the ground which can be from a dripping gutter or bad sloping grounds that causes water pooling. When damaged wood is found we always recommend replacing the decade wood followed by sealing so future protection.  

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Complete Home Inspection

A complete home inspections is the most comprehensive inspection you can have.


4-Point Inspection

A 4-point inspection covers four main components such as: Roof, Electrical Systems, HVAC, and Plumbing.


Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation inspection is the inspection of a home’s structural componentsto protect from high winds and flying debris.



A pre or reinspection is an inspections to give you confidence before you sell or buy a home.

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