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Wesley Chapel is an unincorporated area of Pasco County, Florida. Founded in 1848 by Zach Skidmore, this community has a population of 44,092 people at the time of the 2010 census. This same year some residents started a movement to incorporate Wesley Chapel into its own city; it failed to be approved for incorporation on November 3rd 2003 with 59% voting “no”. A good resource for information on Wesley Chapel Florida is https://www.wesleychapelcommunity.com/

When Looking For A Home Inspector Wesley Chapel Or Surrounding Are Make Sure Your Home Inspector Checks Your HVAC System 

I had a call from a new homeowner in Wesley Chapel FL and they told me that when they searched for home inspector Wesley Chapel FL, they just picked the first one they found and that turned out to be a mistake since there HVAC system stopped working after a few days in the home. The HVAC turned out to be over 15 Years old.  

What do you think of when an HVAC system is working well? Probably not a lot. Set the thermostat and it’s all good, right? When an HVAC isn’t working properly though, surprisingly enough, you notice. And if something goes wrong with your heating or cooling unit as a result of this neglect then that can end up being costly – uncomfortable indoor environment aside from expensive repairs. 

The last thing anyone wants to experience is having their house inspected by a Home Inspector for any issues with its HVAC systems only to find out they need another service call in order to fix what was missed during a home inspection; additionally, there are also opportunities where prospective home buyers may be able to get some insight into the quality control aspects of homes on offer by checking one final box: How old is my current air conditioner? If it turns out that your 10+ year-old AC needs replacing sooner than later then make sure you ask about getting quotes before signing anything! 

JBL Home Inspections Serving Wesley Chapel & Surrounding Area

Our Team JBL Home Inspections always check the dates of not just the condenser unit but also the air handler. We make sure the tonnage of the two match up. We sometimes find out the condenser is only a few years old just to realize the air handler in the attic is much older and past its life expectancy. Or the Brands are mismatched. We also check all the output temperatures at all the registers to make sure there is good air flow and not just leaking into the attic.  

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Complete Home Inspection

A complete home inspections is the most comprehensive inspection you can have.


4-Point Inspection

A 4-point inspection covers four main components such as: Roof, Electrical Systems, HVAC, and Plumbing.


Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation inspection is the inspection of a home’s structural componentsto protect from high winds and flying debris.



A pre or reinspection is an inspections to give you confidence before you sell or buy a home.

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