Air Quality Testing

Musty smell in the air? Worried about mold? If so, your home’s air quality may be contaminated

For many of us who dust and vacuum regularly, as well as disinfect surfaces around the house – we think no more! But there are times when a home might have serious problems with its air quality that general cleaning can’t fix. And toxic particles being invisible to the naked eye means you can’t always tell if you have a problem. So how do you find out if it’s bad inside your house and whether this is what makes you sick? JBL Home Inspections partnered with EMSL Analytics Lab to test your homes’ indoor environment for pollutants while conducting a home inspection. Buyers purchasing property- they are not experts in assessing molds hazards however during inspections where suspicion is high, we can take samplings from suspicious areas which are then sent off for evaluation at independent labs which will send you a complete report on the findings. JBL Home Inspections is not a Mold Assessor or Mold Mitigation company,  However we can take samples using professional equipment and send them to the laboratory on your behalf. Call Us Today For Full Details.

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