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Home Inspection Hudson Florida – I was asked why hire a home inspector?

I was doing a home inspection in Hudson Florida and seller of the home who is buying another home asked me why I should get a home inspection.

Here’s my answer.

You can walk into a home, and it looks perfect, fresh paint new carpet looks brand new. However what is under that new carpet and under that fresh paint is what matters.  I could tell you now from all the inspections I have done I haven’t found a house without a problem. It can be a condo, townhouse or home it could be 10 years old or 1 month old.

Home inspectors do not just focus on the obvious like a big hole in the wall as soon as you walk in or cosmetic issues dirty cabinet stains on carpets dirty blinds etc. of course, we’ll mention the big hole in the report, but we look for things that are not obvious like previous repairs. 

When we see fresh paint  it can be a red flag for us, The questions we ask ourselves when doing a house inspection, was it there just to Spruce the place up or it’s there because something is being covered up.

Some Things We Check

Here are some examples of things that we look at that the normal person looking  at home doesn’t look at,  garage doors does the safety reverse work, gutter installation are they leveled in the right direction so they drain,  Chimney Cap is it rusted and corroded did an animal make a nest on it,  soffit vent is it hanging down or blocked by insulation,  ductwork is it correctly installed is there any holes in it,  that is just a small sample.

Roof Styles

An important feature and buying a home especially in Florida is the roof types. 

Most insurance companies prefer a hip roof as there is less sections for uplift due to high winds.  another important feature on the roof is its covering is it a tin roof, shingled roof, a rolled roof.  roofing supply companies and roofing companies give you many choices it is important to choose the correct covering for your roof, roof flashing and roof vents. Here is a link for more information https://www.jblhomeinspections.com/feature/wind-mitigation/

Air Conditioning System

An important factor you should always consider is the air conditioning service in home and condition of it, the size of the unit the BTU rating the HVAC supply lines, thermostat location are important factors because HVAC repair can be costly.  most people just Google Heating and Cooling repair near me but I recommend checking out the reviews before hiring the first person you see. I also recommend hiring air duct cleaning service every couple of years.

Water Heater

Now let’s talk about the water heater. Water heater repair can be expensive. Some of the things we check for rust, leaks water temperature and safety features of it. Most water heaters have two heating elements one upper element and one lower element. We find that the lower element goes faster than the upper element because of sediment.

Septic Tank

When buying a home with a septic tank, it is important to have an annual septic tank inspection. We recommend calling Septic Tank Service Company without it could be a costly mistake.

In conclusion you should hire a home inspector because they will inspect  things that most buyers won’t like crawl  space,  garage floors,  garage door seals,  window paint,  aluminum siding,  Electric Service,  air duct,   stair runners and handrails, kitchen cabinet doors,  and much more.  that’s not even mentioning the major components roofs, Plumbing, Electric, appliances, Foundation.  for the average cost of an inspection $300 to $500 it could save you thousands down the line.  always hire a qualified licensed home inspector to make sure that the house you are buying doesn’t have any major surprises for you.

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